Diana Cale Kennedy, Nia

© Daniel Quat Photography

© Daniel Quat Photography

Nia Brown Belt • ONLINE Nia Wednesday at 7:30am

“Stirred awake by the exquisite music of my own growing spirit” – Maryanne Radmacher

Nia is one of the most profound and pleasurable practices to enter my life. I have been exploring different fitness and dance practices for most of my life. I have studied the healing arts and human potential movement from many different angles and disciplines, for many years; I carry certifications in varying fields of study and have been teaching and consulting in the Leadership Development and Organizational Transformation world for most of my career. I am deeply committed to finding ways to love and nurture my body as a natural process of living a life that I love.

Until Nia, I can honestly say that no fitness or dance practice ever came close to honoring all possible expressions of who I am; Until Nia, there was no one practice that nourished and satisfied all parts of my being; my strength and vulnerability, flexibility and mobility, lightness and depth, self-healing and play; This is why I became and remain a Nia teacher and love to share the joy of this amazing, holistic, transformative fitness practice.

Diana is an Integral Health Professional specializing in Transformative Fitness, Transformative Hypnotherapy and Transformative Leadership Development.

Nia Instructor, Blue Belt
Nia 5 Stages Practitioner and Guide
Dahn Yoga Instructor and Healer
Macrobiotic “Food is Fitness” Coach
Human Design Analyst and Touch for Health “Practitioner in Training”
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Creative NLP Practitioner
Leadership Development and Organizational Transformation Consultant