Jamie Klein, Nia

© Daniel Quat Photography

© Daniel Quat Photography

Nia 2nd Degree Black Belt • ONLINE Nia Monday and Friday Noon • ONLINE Moving To Heal Wednesday 1:30m

Nia’s guided journey into dynamic flow of energy, ease and joy of movement, release of body tension, playful freedom and the ability to experience healing in body and soul opened a whole new world to me.  Nia continues to change my body and my life every day.

Believing that movement is the path to health and wellness, I have a passion for sharing the word.  Through Nia I am privileged to connect with my students and witness their growth, both on and off the dance floor.  My private Nia and 5 Stages sessions provide a one on one opportunity to personalize the practice for maximum benefit, no matte r what the individual’s personal circumstances.

Since that very first class I have studied with many of our training faculty including Debbie Rosas Stewart, Carlos Aya Rosas, Holly Nastasi, Ann Christiansen, Helen Terry, Winalee Zeeb, Caroline Kholes, Kelle Rae Oien, Loretta Milo, Jule Aguirre, Shannon Mairs, Al Wright, and Vicki Saito.  I honor each of their gifts to me, and as a Nia 5 Stages and Black Belt instructor.