Tallie Tolen, Nia

TallieNia Blue Belt

I discovered Nia in 2006 when a good friend brought me to my first Nia class and quickly connected to the joy of movement. In Nia classes, I found space to reconnect with myself and get into my body’s way. Through Nia, I have a found more confidence, self-acceptance, and physical conditioning!

In 2013, I completed the Nia White Belt training and began teaching Nia at the Mary Esther Gonzales Senior Center and Studio Nia Santa Fe. I have gone on to complete the Green Belt and Blue Belt trainings. I invite my students to explore sensation and I welcome new and developing Nia teachers into my classes to experience the joy that I have found in teaching Nia. I experience the benefits of my Nia practice in my personal and work life each day.