Moving To Heal

© Daniel Quat Photography

© Daniel Quat Photography

ONLINE Wednesday at 1:30pm with Jamie Klein

Moving To Heal classes are designed for everybody with long or short-term healing goals, including recovery from injury, surgery, trauma, addiction, depression, Parkinson’s and other movement challenges. Join a mindful, curious community of individuals moving in their own bodies’ way. Classes are crafted to inform, calm, inspire, energize, stabilize, strengthen, motivate, and always connect to feeling better in our bodies and lives. We have fun and students report they do indeed feel better! Chairs are available and used. Caretakers are welcome at no charge.


“Moving to Heal addresses pain and stress reduction, mobility and balance.  The group support and camaraderie grows stronger with each session.  The sense of “aliveness” at the end is palpable.”

“Thank you body, i notice that i am alive!”

“I experience the Moving to Heal class as a force field of positive energy.”

“My doctor reported 100% improvement in my physical symptoms!  He was so happy with my progress and i totally contribute it to your work.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“Nia’s Moving to Heal has helped my balance, physically and emotionally.  It has also helped restore my sense of humor and decrease my self-consciousness.  I look forward to it twice a week, and am disappointed when other commitment prevent me from coming to class”

“I have gained the assurance that my Parkinson’s Disease is not the end of my physical and emotional well being.”

“I now have the confidence to meet and enjoy the companionship of other people”