What is Nia?

Nia blends dance arts, martial arts and healing arts, with an approach that will stimulate you to revolutionize the way you feel about fitness, focusing on how your body feels, rather than how it looks. Addressing the whole person, Nia will pump your heart, spark your spirit, lubricate your joints, motivate your mind, release your tension, enhance your balance and tone your muscles with expressive movement, and mindful awareness.

Nia will move you!

What is Studio Nia Santa Fe?

We are a model Nia community devoted to living well and thriving in our bodies at any age. Guided by the joy of movement, we demonstrate the power of all Nia offerings and mindful movement practices. We deliver sustainable holistic fitness and world class education designed to inspire meaningful body and life transformation. With our local and global partners, we are crafting a community culture that supports and empowers.

At StudioNia Santa Fe we have fun, keep it real, and unleash the magic.

Love your class and want to deepen your practice on and off the dance floor? Find a Nia Body + Life Training. Find one of our trainings with Kelle and other world-class trainers on our training page.

The Studio

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