Nia White Belt


Step-In to your Nia Journey with the Nia White Belt: The Art of Sensation. Here you will be introduced to the first 13 foundational Nia principles that have been helping people live healthier, happier lives for over 30 years.

The Nia White Belt Training will take you on a journey of self-discovery by exploring and tapping into the art of sensation.

Beginning with the Joy of Movement, you learn 13 principles for body-centered awareness. Each principle teaches you a variety of somatic skills for connecting to physical sensation in your body.

From the Nia perspective, all movement should feel good. White Belt trains you to develop body awareness, using your own bodies wisdom to guide you towards self-healing and conditioning.

By consistently feeding your body with small acts of kindness and by learning to track “feel good” sensations, you will become a master at Nia’s body-centered approach to health, wellness, and fitness.

Kelle Teaches Both Online + In Person White Belt Trainings

Every Body Welcome.

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October 2023
December 2023
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Nia Blue Belt


Continue to your Nia journey with the Nia Blue Belt: The Art of Communication where you will explore how to take the foundation of sensation and awareness created in White Belt and expand into deep relationship with the world around you.

The Blue Belt Training guides you deeply into the relationship and intimacy you have with your body and the world around you.

You will explore and discover the Joy of Being in Relationship – with yourself, with others and with life.

Building on the foundation of awareness from White Belt, you will expand your understanding of sensation in the body to include awareness of mental, emotional and spirit realms.

Training in the Art of Communication will teach you the power of 2-way communication and provide tools to fully receive and transmit with clarity, enhancing your own body literacy and depth of connection in all relationships.

Kelle Teaches Both Online + In Person Blue Belt Trainings

White Belt Required.

Every Body  Welcome.

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October 2023
November 2023
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52 Moves / MOVE it Training


Move It is a revolutionary approach to whole body fitness integrating the best of exercise science, modern interval training, and somatic movement through Nia’s sensory-based approach to fitness. Practiced in isolation and integrated with systemic movement this training amps up your ability to artfully incorporate Nia’s system of 52 Moves to physically condition the body and enhance movement skill.

This training will set you on the path to becoming a Move It Teacher.
Upon completion of the Move It Training, you must complete the Nia White Belt Intensive and become a Nia Teacher Member in order to teach the Nia Move It class.

All Students Welcome. No Experience Necessary

Kelle Teaches Both Online + In Person 52Moves/MOVE it Trainings

Upcoming Trainings

December 2023
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