BreatheFit for Cancer, a Healing Workshop

BreatheFIT for Cancer – a Healing Workshop


BreatheFIT for Cancer is a program that provides psychological and physical support as you and your caregivers navigate the changes and challenges that come with  diagnosis, treatment, and post care related to cancer.

Join Dr. Pam Denton, founder of BreatheFIT and a team of experts, BreatheFIT coaches and participants who have used BreatheFIT to navigate the self healing processes of cancer, for a life-giving workshop where you will begin to discover renewed hope and healing power.

BreatheFIT offers you a lifeline of stability and strength and a system for finding hope in your diagnosis. We will slowly guide you to move your body and life-force to generate healing energy, positive emotions, and relaxation. In our workshop you can experience how BreatheFIT provides visualization and positive reinforcement for your self healing, while you work with your doctors and medical team. If you are in remission or cancer free, BreatheFIT will also help you feel empowered and healthy. We will provide you with a psychologically safe environment where you feel seen, heard, accepted, and respected all the way through your journey.


In the BreatheFIT for Cancer a Self Healing Workshop our trained coaches will help you learn how to use BreatheFIT to:


  • recharge your energy

  • process your emotions

  • find hope in your diagnosis

  • tune in positive mental and emotional power

  • visualize healing and recovery

  • learn to cultivate optimism in the face of change


The BreatheFIT Coaching program restores the body and mind’s natural state of well-being and amplifies positivity and emotional endurance. BreatheFIT, a powerful fitness system of somatic breathwork, core movement, and nervous system upgrades designed to turn on and increase your vital life-force energy. BreatheFIT is accessible to everyone and easy to do from your chair at home or at your office. The moves can be modified for any fitness level and are designed to heal and condition not only your body but also your mind, emotions, and spirit. Used in conjunction with other fitness practices or on its own, BreatheFIT is an incredibly fast, efficient, and effective way to transform your body and your life.


Jan 28 2023


12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
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